Classification of Algebraic Surfaces
and Compact Complex Manifolds

Die Forschergruppe bestand bis 31.03.2010 aus sieben Forschungsprojekten:


Projekt 1, Cones of Kähler and projective manifolds, GZ KE 772/4-1

Projekt 2, Special varieties: geometry and global deformations, GZ PE 305/9-1, SCHR 671/4-1

Projekt 3, Approximation of Kähler manifolds, GZ PE 305/10-1

Projekt 4, Entire Curves and Hyperbolicity. GZ WI 862/2-1

Projekt 5, Deformation classes of real and complex manifolds, GZ CA 252/4-1

Projekt 6, Rigis varieties, triangle groups, the action of the absolute Galois group, GZ GR 627/13-1, KL 1424/4-1

Projekt 7, Classification and geometry of surfaces of general type, GZ BA 2023/1-1, CA 252/5-1, SCHR 671/5-1